Buffalo Woman Flute Music
About Marcia
Halito Moma (Hello Everyone)

I feel that my music is a gift from the Creator. I am compelled to share this gift. It has brought me closer to my heritage and help others do the same. I have attended many pow wows, conferences and gatherings all throught the Southeast, sharing my message of hope and peace. My music comes from the heart and the spirit. It is my hope that you will feel and see, as I do, "The Visions of the Past."

It is said we all have a song within to sing. A song that when shared may help others stop long enough to hear the music, see the good, and live in peace. My songs are an echo of the past. Songs of the peoples telling us how the Great Spirit would have us live.

I am Choctaw, Cherokee, Apache and Spanish. I choose to learn the Choctaw language to carry on a part of my heritage that I remembered hearing about
growing up.

I have found that my dancing also brings me closer to my ancestry. It is said, we dance to pray, we pray to heal, we heal to give, we give to live, and we live to dance.

Being one with the Spirit has taught me how to see the purpose of all living things, and how to keep peace within myself when life
itself seems so hard. I have
learned a lot of what living "The Red Road" is all about, but I know there is much more to learn. My hope is that my music will open your heart to the beauty, majesty, bravery and peace that are part of my heritage. Enjoy!


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